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Music, Opera & Ballet Festivals

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Vision Group provides top-category tickets to public concerts and ballet performances, festivals, seasonal opera programmes and events.

Vision Group operates small-group music tours, providing top-category tickets to public concerts and ballet performances, either pre-existing festivals or seasonal programmes. Our main focus is the client satisfaction and we are able to ensure this thanks to our connections, attention to details, impeccable organisation and knowledge of the territory. Beside offering the most wanted tickets and accommodation, we offer a rare combination of services ranging from logistics to private and exclusive activities, catering our clients most special demands. Our overall luxury experience, conceived directly by our music curators, encompass the widest spectrum of fulfilment, from culinary excellence provided by starred chefs, to refined artistic taylor-made experiences, up to the immersion in selective locations that few have access to. Our selected music festivals, which feature world-class performers in the finest and most prestigious venues, open the doors to a realm of experiences enriching our thematic journeys.

Leipzig Bach Festival, Germany, June

This music festival takes place annually, in the month of July, in the city of Leipzig, where J. S. Bach worked as the Thomaskantor from 1723 until his death in 1750. Eight concerts featuring mainly the music of J.S. Bach and contemporaries, culminating with performances both St John and St Matthew Passions on the final evenings. Artists include the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra with Ton Koopman and other world renowned Bach experts.

Aix-en-Provence Festival, France, July

The Festival International d’Art Lyrique d’Aix-en-Provence has been held each summer since 1948. Devoted mainly to opera, it also includes concerts of orchestral, chamber, vocal and solo instrumental music. Performances are given in a variety of locations, including the Théâtre de l’Archevêché (in the courtyard of the former Archbishop’s palace); the Jeu de Paumes (a restored 18th century theatre); and the Théâtre du Grand Saint-Jean, on the grounds of a chateau.

Lucerne Summer Music Festival, Switzerland, August-September

Lucerne is home to an international music festival first held in 1938, when Toscanini directed a gala concert in front of Wagner’s home. The program includes more than 100 concerts, with performances by the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe

The Salzburg Music Festival, Austria, July-August

The birthplace of Mozart is the venue of several music and drama productions featuring the Vienna Philharmonic; established in 1920 is one of the most prominent  festival of music and drama worldwide, it embraces the great composers and authors of the last centuries. Classical music forms the largest part of the Festival.

Rossini Opera Festival, Italy, August

The festival was instituted in 1980 by the town council of Pesaro with the intention of backing up and developing, by means of theatrical performances, the scientific work of the Rossini Foundation: this has given birth to a unique multi-disciplinary workshop of applied musicology, aiming at the revival of all Rossini’s works through musicological research, theatrical performance and publication. Nowhere will you come closer to the real Rossini than Pesaro.

Grafenegg Festival, Austria, August

High-calibre classical concerts against a wonderful backdrop: Grafenegg, situated between Vienna and the Wachau valley, has risen within the space of a few years to be a festival venue of international renown, delighting people from all over the world season by season with its unique atmosphere. In the middle of the enchanting castle park stands the impressive Wolkenturm (Pillar of Clouds) open-air arena, rated one of the best outdoor stages in the world for its acoustics. Grafenegg matches this excellence with the region’s best wines, like Grüner Veltiner, and dishes. These can be tasted at various locations on the Grafenegg estate, such as the new garden pavilion «Wolke 7» (Cloud 7) and the Vinothegg or, say, at a picnic in the castle park.

Vicenza Opera Festival, Italy, October

Ivan Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra found in the Olympic Theater in Vicenza the perfect place to create an opera festival where the surroundings lead us back to the sources: to create a balance of music and drama without unnecessary additions to a performance. Ivan Fischer will engage the best international singers, costume designers, musicians who will all love this spectacular building and fill it with music and drama.

The White Nights Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia, June-July

The White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg is an annual international arts festival during the season of the midnight sun and consists of a series of classical ballet, opera and music events. Due to the latitude, St. Petersburg is well known for the remarkable natural phenomenon “white nights”, which lasts from late May until mid-June. It became a symbol of the city and a time rich with festivals, entertainment, and cultural events. During the festival, there are daily evening performances at the Mariinsky Theatre (either ballet or opera) and almost daily evening performances at the newly built Mariinsky Concert Hall – one of the best-sounding halls in the world.

Dance Open International Ballet Festival, St. Petersburg,Russia, April

Alexandrinsky Theatre, the oldest theater in St. Petersburg, hosts this unique and exclusive festival which has earned worldwide recognition. It brings together the most prominent ballet dancers and choreographers.

Art and Performing Arts Promotion


With a commitment to arts promotion, Vision Group brings enjoyment of the performing arts to different countries and cities. We organise different large scale projects for local and international communities, promoting appreciation of the performing arts among audience of different age groups. Thanks to our detailed and professional approach, full orchestras, quartets or soloist perform classical and modern music on prestigious stages internationally. We identify the artists responding to a specific request, match the dates and plan the overall project for a smooth and successful series of performances.

Private Concerts

We organize private and exclusive concerts of classical and ancient music in intimate spaces, scenic theatres, private noble palaces, amazing and enriching experiences with top international performers. Access unique venues and let your soul navigate through the sounds of an original Stradivari playing only for you, a full orchestra or a string quartet, prominent opera singers. Gather your close friends and share this once in a lifetime opportunity on the notes of the music that moves you the most